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    The A-Wing is the Rebel Alliance's fastest fighter.  Of course with speed comes weaknesses.  Since the A-Wing is so fast and devotes most of its power to its engines, it has virtually no shields.  In fact, one shot is usually enough to destroy it.  Due to its small size, it is hard to hit but all of its systems are cramped together, that's why it's so easy to destroy.  It is armed with two fully rotational laser cannons.  Some of the A-Wing's have been modified so that they can fire straight back.  It also has two concussion missile launchers.  In Return of the Jedi, an A-Wing crashed into the Super Star Destroyer Executor and made it crash into the Death Star II.  The A-Wing was first introduced at the Battle of Endor by its designer general Jan Dodonna.  It has appeared only in Return of the Jedi.

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