Admiral Ackbar

Admiral Ackbar appears in only one of the Star Wars films, Episode VI, but his contributions to the Rebellion warrant recognition. He is the Admiral that leads the attack on the second Death Star in his Mon Calamari Crusier. Ackbar himself is a Mon Calamari from the planet, well Mon Calamari. This species is the only one able to pilot the Mon Calamari Cruisers as the viewscreens and controls are made for their unique optical systems. If a human were to attempt to use the controls, everything would appear fuzzy as if underwater as the species is accustomed to a planet covered almost entirely by water. Ackbar not only designed the the Mon Cal Crusiers that proved vital in the Battle of Endor, but also designed the Alliance B-Wing fighter. The B-Wing is the strangest looking of the Alliance starfighters, but also the most powerful. The B-Wing's power proved very useful in the Battle of Endor. Overall, Ackbar was a crucial officer during the final battle against the Galactic Empire.

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