Lando Calrissian

Lando Calrissian, scoundrel and card-player extraordinaire. In his mystertious history, one can be sure that Lando has rubbed elbows with the bounty hunters, mercenaries, and outlaws alike. He is really not too much unlike his buddy Han Solo, another character who likes to live on the edge. However, Lando has got more class than Solo. His choice in attire will give that away immediately. Still, Han and Lando go way back. Though their paths cross somewhat spontaneously, one constant point of contention between the two has been the ownership of the legendary Millenium Falcon. The ship originally belogned to Lando, but he lost it to Solo in a high stakes game of sabacc, a traditional card game of outlaws. Eventually, Lando tired of life on the run and became the baron-administrator of Cloud City on the gas planet of Bespin. It is here where he is first found in Episode V. It is here that Lando once again meets up with Han Solo. It is also here that Lando is forced to betray his friends and hand them over to the Empire. Darth Vader lands on CLoud City just before Han and his firends do. Rather than hand all of Cloud City over to the Imperials, Lando has but one choice, to give Solo to Vader. Lando reluctantly agrees that the life of his people is worth more than the life of one friend. However, Lando's deal keeps getting worse and worse. Solo is frozen in carbonite, Leia and Chewbacca are captured, and the Imperials plan to take over Cloud City anyway. Lando manages to redeem himself, at least partially, by freeing Leia and Chewie, and warning the inhabitants of Cloud City of the impending Imperial takeover. Lando later escapes Cloud City and joins the Rebel Alliance to fight against the Empire, with obvious reasons. He gains the rank of General and leads the Rebels into battle against the Death Star II at the controls of the Millenium Falcon once again. Lando eventually flies the ship into the Death Star's core and along side of the great Rebel pilot Wedge Antilles, destroys it. Lando barely makes it out alive, but in the process, secures his place as one of the greatest Rebel heroes of all time.

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