Mon Mothma

Mon Mothma is quiet but determined leader of the Rebel Alliance and was the second youngest Senator of the Galactic Republic, the only younger one being Princess Leia. Even before the Empire came to power, Mon Mothma forsaw the evil plans of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. She tried to bring down his rule, but failed. However, in the process she created the Rebel Alliance, giving hope to those oppressed by the Galactic Empire. Without her determination and and leaderhip, the Rebellion would never have succeeded. And now for some unsubstantiated speculation I found about Mon Mothma. She is the leader of the Rebellion, is affiliated with Naboo, and it has been rumored that that Padme Amidala never dies. Thus, it is possible that Mon Mothma is in fact Padme Amidala. The timeframe seems to fit, and Mon Mothma does resemble Padme somewhat. Mon Mothma would have to be at least in her later 40's by the time we see her in Episode VI, and she appears to be about that old then. The only question is why Padme Amidala would change her name? Perhaps to hide from Darth Vader? Who knows....anyhow Mon Mothma appears only in Episode VI which is too bad since she is such an influential character.

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