Scout troopers

Scout troopers are lightly armored and highly mobile units of stormtroopers. The scout troopers primary functions are reconnaissance, perimeter patrol, and general scouting of known enemy positions. Speeder bikes are a typical vehicle used by scout troopers as they provide reliable high speed transport. Even, while traveling on these high speed bikes scout troopers still remain completely aware of their surroundings, thanks to the equipment located in their helmets. The helmet of a scout trooper has built-in macrobinocular viewplates and sensor arrays. A small computer is also contained in the helmet which operates these devices providing analysis of the surrounding area and aiding with navigation. Unlike most stormtroopers, scout troopers are not only able, but designed to operate far from base. They posses many supplies with extra located on thier transports. Scout troopers either operate alone or in groups of four called lances, which many times split in two to cover a wider area.

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