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Episode II: Attack of the Critics...

Yes, the critics have been eagerly awaiting the debut of Star Wars Episode II as eagerly as the fans have. But not for the same reason. I have yet to see another film series get bashed so much. It's just disgusting, granted I am biased, but still they are not that bad. After seeing Episode II myself I wonder if my local critic fell asleep or just left the movie. Three words: IT WAS AWESOME!!! Episode I is a joke, a big joke compared to this one. This film was amazing. The plot bland? Pah, I don't think so. If anything the plot was the most critical part of the movie as it reveals so much. The battles were absolutely great. Hayden Christenesen was quite good at playing the troubled youth Anakin Skywalker is. I now have renewed faith in the Star Wars series if anything. C-3PO is back, Jar Jar is more or less absent, incredible special effects as usual, and finally you will never see Yoda the same way again! I will have the full storyline, as complete as possible after only seeing it once, up this weekend guaranteed. Be warned it is a spoiler and I would recommend using it only as a reference. I knew relatively little going in and the movie was awesome. Anyway, it's your choice, just be aware it can spoil the movie for you. Why are you still reading this?!?!?! GO SEE EPISODE II NOW!!!!
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