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Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Episode V

        This episode in the Star Wars saga begins on the planet Hoth were the Rebel Alliance has set up a new base.  They are essentially hiding from the Galactic Empire considering they just destroyed their most powerful weapon, the Death Star.  The planet Hoth is totally covered in ice and snow and there are no civilizations what so ever.  This obviously makes a great place for the Rebels to hide.  Unfortunately, Darth Vader is searching for the Rebels and utilizes probe droids to find them.
        Once Vader finds the Rebel base, an attack is launched on the planet.  The Empire has extremely large attack vehicles called AT-ATs and also a smaller version called an AT-ST.  The Rebels have only modified T-47 airspeeders nicknamed snowspeeders and some large laser cannons to protect them.  The Imperial forces eventually overpower them and the Rebels are forced to flee the planet.
        Han Solo and Princess Leia, (who have developed and affection for each other, though neither of them will admit it) along with Chewbaaca, C-3PO and R2-D2 escape in the Millennium Falcon and are chased by the Imperials.  Luke Skywalker on the other hand heads for the planet Dagobah were the Jedi Master Yoda lives.  Luke is hoping to receive training from him to perfect his Jedi skills.
        Han Solo and the rest of the gang get chased by the Imperials into and asteroid field and manage to hide in a large asteroid.  However, they soon find out that the giant hold they are in is actually a giant worm and narrowly escape.  Luke on the other hand is faring a little better after finding Yoda on the swampy Dagobah.  As he continues his training he finds encounters some startling things.  As one of his training exercises, Yoda sends him into a dark cave.  When Luke enter he find Darth Vader waiting for him.  The two Jedi knights draw their lightsabers and begin to fight.  Luke easily manages to cut off Darth Vader's head with his lightsaber.  However, when the head hits the ground, the helmet breaks open and Luke sees his own head in the helmet.  This leaves more confused than ever.
        Meanwhile, Han Solo and the others have managed to escape the Imperials, or so they think and have discovered that they are near the planet Bespin.  Han Solo looks up the planet on his computer and finds that there is a small colony of people living there on Cloud City.  He also finds out that an old friend of his, Lando Calrissian, is the baron administrator of the city.  They land and are greeted by Lando and think that they are finally safe.  However, Darth Vader has hired many bounty hunters to find Han Solo and set a trap.
        We find out that Darth Vader actually wants to use Han Solo as bait to lure Luke Skywalker to Cloud City so he can bring him to the Darkside of the Force.  The Emperor wants Luke to become his ally and work with Darth Vader to crush the Rebel Alliance.
        Han Solo soon finds out that his old friend has betrayed them and has allowed Darth Vader to capture them.  Lando had the choice of either letting Vader take the city, or take Solo.  As the baron administrator, he has no choice but to give Vader what he wants.  The bounty hunter Boba Fett, who followed the Millennium Falcon to Bespin is rewarded by being given the chance to do what he wants with Solo because Vader won't need him anymore after Luke comes.  Boba Fett chooses to in case him in carbonite, a metal like material, and then collect his bounty from the Jabba the Hutt.  Solo was a smuggler for Jabba before he joined the Rebel Alliance.  Solo once lost some cargo due and Jabba wants his head for it.
        On Dagobah, Luke senses that there is trouble on Bespin and decides to leave in his X-Wing starfighter. Yoda tries to convince him to stay and finish his training because he isn't ready to face Vader yet.  However, Luke wont listen and heads of to Bespin.  There, he finds Leia and Chewbaaca be carried off by some stormtroopers and Leia tries to warn Luke that it's a trap.  However, Luke can't abandon his friend and decides to follow them anyway.  He ends up in the carbon freezing chamber and finds Darth Vader waiting from him.  Luke puts up a good fight but eventually Vader overpowers him and slices off his right hand.  He tells Luke that he is his father and that he wants him to join the Darkside or die.  Of course Luke says he will never join the Darkside and that he can't believe that Vader is his father.  Luke jumps off the platform and Vader assumes he is as good as dead.  However, Luke is sucked into a pipe and dropped out of the bottom of Cloud City.  There Luke and Lando find him and take him away in the Millennium Falcon.  The manage o reach a Rebel infirmary ship and so ends another chapter in the Star Wars saga.

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