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    I just added this section recently to provide a greater understanding of the Star Wars series.  It has links to different sites that I think would be a good reference to fans and fans to be alike.  Some have info, others have pictures, but all the sites are useful.  I have also rated these links on a scale of 1 to 5 *'s.  Five being the best and 1 being the worst.
Links's all here!!!     Rating:*****
-Cool animated gifs!  I got lots of animations from here.  But that's about it. Rating:**
-Some good 3D models of ships from all sides     Rating:***
4. Galactic
-A very well put together site. Great place to find info of all types, especially Episode II!! Rating:****1/2
5. Star Wars: The Dark Side
-"A site for fans of the Empire and the Sith." A nifty new site, just went up this month (June 2002). It's geared towards the Dark Side so don't expect to find everything about Star Wars. It even has Darth Vader running for president. Check it out. Rating:***1/2
6. LMS: Star Wars, Luke, Mara and The Prequels
-A well put together site for those interested in Star Wars: The Expanded Universe and the prequel trilogy. VEry reliable and accurate character section. Definitely worth a visit. Rating:****

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