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    The snadcrawler is a ship that the Jawas use on the planet of Tatooine.  It is essentially a storage vehicle for droids.  The Jawas are a race of aliens that live on the desert of Tatooine and are scavengers.  They hunt for broken and deserted droids and then bring them onto their ship to sell to the many homesteaders on Tatooine's wasteland.  C-3PO and R2-D2 were captured by Jawas and sold to Owen Lars and his nephew Luke Skywalker in Episode IV.  The ship moves by means of giant treads on the bottom.  It is heavily armored and it would be very hard to destroy the main body.  It has a loading ramp that folds down in the front and also suction tubes to bring droids into the ship.  It is unknown how many sandcrawlers are present on Tatooine, but it is known that they Jawa tribes occasionaly meet to trade.

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