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Overall Storyline

    In every Star Wars movie after episode one, the main theme is about the Galactic Empire battling the Rebel Alliance.  As the name implies, the Rebel Alliance are a group of rebels who oppose the Empire's dictatorship type of government of the galaxy.  The leader of the Empire is Emperor Palpatine who has a a servant named Darth Vader.  Darth Vader is a former Jedi knight gone bad.  Jedi is a type of "religion" that believes in an all powerful Force that is around everyone.  The Jedi knights used to keep peace in the galaxy until Darth Vader hunted them down and killed them all under the command of Emperor Palpatine.  All this has taken place before Episode IV, which was the original Star Wars movie.  Episode I is a "prequel" to the first movie and the Empire and Alliance don't even exist yet.  To learn more about the storyline in Episode I, IV, V, and VI, go to one of the links below.  Episodes II and III have not been released yet, but when they do I will update their storylines to this page.  Episode II should be released in 2002 to 2003.

This is the Rebels' logo.


This is the Imperials logo

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