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TIE Bomber

    First, I must apologize, but I was unable to find a picture of the TIE Bomber.  However, there is a pretty good shot of  it in The Empire Strikes Back.  Basically, it looks like the TIE Fighter but has a longer body and longer solar panels.  Its body consists of two barrel shaped sections that are closely connected.  The barrel on the right is the cockpit and the barrel on the left is the bomb bay.  TIE Bombers are armed with two laser cannons and many different types of heavy artillery.  They can be made to carry, concussion missiles, concussion bombs, and proton torpedos.  They have a very large magazine and can destroy just about any base, if there are enough bombers.  They are very slow and are an easy target.  However, they have very heavy armor and can take quite a beating.  The TIE Bomber has appeared only in The Empire Strikes Back.

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