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Star Wars: A New Hope
Episode IV

        This is is the original Star Wars film that was released in 1977.  The story begins with a Imperial Star Destroyer attacking a smaller ship.  We later find out that this is actually Princess Leia's ship the Tantive IV.  The ship is abducted by the the Star Destroyer and is boarded by some stormtroopers.  A small fight takes place between the ships crew and the Imperial forces, but the crew is forced to retreat.  Soon, Darth Vader, one of the main villains in Star Wars, boards the ship and orders the stormtroopers to find and capture prisoners.  On brigade of the troopers finds Princess Leia in a small corridor conversing with a droid.  The stun her and bring her before Darth Vader.  Meanwhile, a droid C-3PO and his counterpart, R2-D2, the droid that Leia was conversing with, are trying to escape the stormtroopers.  R2-D2 tells C-3PO of a mission and that he must leave in an escape pod.  C-3PO follows him and the two blast off towards the planet nearby.
        Later, Darth Vader asks Leia where she has hidden the Death Star plans.  The Death Star is a gigantic Imperial, capable of destroying entire planets.  Leia says she doesn't know what he's talking about and Vader orders her o be take away.  Darth Vader know that she is actually a member of the Rebel Alliance and that she stole the plans to try and find a weakness of the space station.  Suddenly, an imperial officer informs Vader that one of the escape pods is gone and that the plans may be aboard.  Vader commands a small group of stormtroopers to journey to the nearby planet of Tatooine and search for the pod.
        Meanwhile, on Tatooine, the droids have landed and go their separate ways because of a disagreement.  R2-D2 goes off on his "mission" of which C-3PO knows nothing about and is getting tired of hearing about.  C-3PO goes the opposite way in frustration and ends up getting lost. However, he soon sees what he believes to be a transport and it appears he is saved.  Meanwhile, R2-D2 is captured by some Jawas.  The Jawas a small cloaked creatures that make a living scavenging droids.  Ironically, both droids end up in the same land vehicle headed for certain doom, according to C-3PO.  However, they are sold to Owen Lars and his nephew, Luke Skywalker.  While cleaning the droids, Luke find a holographic message in R2-D2.  It is a message from Princess Leia to a certain Obi-Wan Kenobi.  Luke know of an "Old Ben" Kenobi who lives out in the desert bu soon leaves to go eat.  When he returns, R2-D2 is gone and C-3PO says he went looking for Obi-Wan.
        In the morning, Luke goes looking for the droid.  He finds him but unfortunately finds trouble too, in the form of Sandpeople.  He is knocked out by one of these "Tusken Raiders" and is found by Ben Kenobi.  He takes him back to his home and also discovers the message from Princess Leia.  He tells Luke that his real name is Obi-Wan and that he must go to try and help Princess Leia out.  He needs to go to Mos Eisley to get a transport to Alderaan, another planet.  Luke says he needs to get home so he can only take him to get a transport.  On the way there, they find the Jawa's Sandcrawler, nearly destroyed.  Obi-Wan concludes that stormtroopers attacked the vessel and that they were searching for the droids.  Luke knows that if the troopers tracked the droids there then they must have tracked them to his home.
        Luke heads for his home to find it smoldering and his parents killed.  When he return to Obi-Wan, he decides to go with him to Alderaan.  They head to Mos Eisley and after a nasty encounter with some aliens in a cantina, they find two pilots who will take them there.  These two are Han Solo and Chewbacca.  The group barely escapes from a group of stormtroopers after the droids.  They go into hyperspace and head for Alderaan.  During the trip, Kenobi begins training Luke in the Jedi arts.
         The ship they are in the Milleniem Falcon reaches the Alderaan system safely, but only to find that Alderaan had been destroyed.  The group soon finds out that the Death Star is responsible when they are captured by a tractor beam and are pulled in to the space station.  The crew and passengers of the  Millenium Falcon manage to evade the Imperial forces and soon discover that Princess Leia is aboard.
        Luke and Han don stormtrooper armor and pretend that Chewbacca is a prisoner.  Meanwhile, Obi-Wan Kenobi goes to face Darth Vader, one of the few remaining Jedis in the galaxy.  Unfortunately, he is an evil Jedi that helped to exterminate the other Jedis under the order of the Emperor.  Han and Luke succeed in finding Leia and manage to make it back to the ship with the help of C-3PO.  However, Kenobi and Vader are engaged in a lightsaber duel and Obi-Wan Kenobi is killed.  The party manages to escape the Death Star, but Leia informs them that they are being tracked by the Imperials.
        Luke, Han, and Leia manage to reach the Rebel base on Yavin 4 and give the Death Star plans to the commander.  With the help of R2-D2, they manage to locate a weakness of the Death Star.  The Rebels begin preparing for the oncoming Death Star, while the Death Star prepares to destroy the planet.
        Soon, a great space battle takes place between the Rebel and Imperial forces.  Luke is fighting in an X-Wing starfighter while some of the other Rebels are using Y-Wings.  The Imperial forces on the other hand are using the fast TIE Fighters and Darth Vader himself is in one of the heavily modified ones.  Luke manages to launch a proton torpedo and destroy the entire Death Star with only one hit.  Luke and Han are rewarded for the bravery and this episode comes to an end.
The End...for now.
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