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Episode II: Attack of the Clones
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Well, here it is, the storyline to the best of my memory. Just bear with me as I have only seen the movie once. Nonetheless I will try to make this as detailed as possible.*****Warning!!! This is SPOILER information. See the movie first! Then look at this for reference.*****

This episode begins on the planet of Coruscant, just as Senator Padme Amidala is arriving. She is the former queen of Naboo, now returning to participate in the Galactic Senate. There is trouble in the galaxy and nations have been seceding from the Republic and uniting for their own common interest. Many of the members of the Galactic Senate want to form an army of the Republic to combat the growing nations. However, many other senators believe that would encourage a galactic war, something that hasn't taken place since the formation of the Republic.

Suddenly, Padme's ship explodes and it appears she has been killed. However, it was merely her decoy, who soon dies. Padme, now in obvious danger of some sort speaks with Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and some Jedis concerning her situation. Palpatine recommends that some Jedis be assigned to protect Amidala even though she would rather not be.

Thus, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker arrive on the scene. Anakin is quite taken with Amidala but she is not with him. She still sees him as little "Ani" from ten years ago. Anakin is mad that he has thought about her the last ten years and she hardly notices him. Night falls and the two Jedi discuss thier actions while Padme sleeps. Anakin tells Obi-Wan that Padme agreed to be "bait" to catch her assailant. Meanwhile, two bounty hunters nearby discussing their next attack. One bounty hunter hands a tube of poisonous creatures over to the other saying to "be careful they are very poisonous." The bounty hunter then puts the tube in a droid and the droid flies to Padme's window and drops the bugs in. The Jedis sense the bugs just in time and save Padme chopping the bugs in half. Obi-Wan sees the droid outside the window and jumps through the glass and grabs onto it. It carries him to where the bounty hunter is waiting while Anaking follows in a speeder.

Of course this is the thrilling chase scence through the airways of Coruscant which has some pretty cool moments. I can't do justice to desribing the chase, so I won't, just see it yourself. Anyway, as Obi-Wan nears the bar where the bounty hunter (Zam Wesell) is, Zam shoots the droid and speeds away. Obi-Wan falls but is saved by Anakin and they exchange some humorous dialogue. They eventually track Zam to a bar where they are able to capture her. They take her outside after Obi-Wan incapacitates her and try to get some information out of her. Anakin asks, rather forcefully, "tell us what his name is now!" Zam responds " is..." but she is shot in the neck with a poison dart and being the shapshifter she is, dies a rather cool death. Obi-Wan turns just in time to see a figure blasting away with a jetpack on.

The Jedi return to chancellor Palpatine and the Jedis to consult on their next move. It is decided that Anakin will stay with Padme as she travels back to Naboo and Obi-Wan will search out the bounty hunter behind all of this.

So, Anakin travels with Padme to Naboo and they have good times together growing more and more in their love, well Anakin anyway. Meanwhile, Obi-Wan is doing the hard work searching for the bounty hunter. He meets with an alien named Dex (I believe) and learns from him that the dart is of Kaminoian origin. In other words it is from the planet Kamino, a world Dex says makes its living cloning things. Obi-Wan immediately sets out to find the planet at the archives. However, it is not on any of the maps. So he seeks master Yoda's help and they find an area where gravity is pulling things towards a central point. Thus, Obi-Wan heads out to investigate taking his hyperspace equipped Jedi Starfighter.

So, Obi-Wan arrives at Kamino and finds it is right where it should be. The Jedi starfighter essentially resembles an Alliance A-Wing in it's wedge shape though it is more angular. I'm sure you have seen it in TV ads for the game Jedi Starfighter. Anyway, it is not heperspace able unless it uses this big ring around it that attaches to it which looks pretty cool. Just in case you were wondering what that thing is that Obi-Wan keeps leaving behind to redock with later. Okay, back to the story. Obi-Wan lands on Kamino and finds that the Kaminoians have been expecting him. He meets with their leader, Lama Su, and finds out that someone in the Galactic Republic commissioned a clone army about ten years ago by a Jedi named Siphideus (no clue how you spell it). Lama Su then shows him the army and it is quite impressive. It appears that clones grow at twice the normal growth rate so they can be ready sooner. However, Lama Su mentions that the model for the clone, a certain Jango Fett, requested that there be one clone that was an exact replica of himself that grew at the normal rate. Obi-Wan comments that this Jango Fett must be quite the fighter to be cloned for an army and asks to meet him.

Jango proves to be quite defensive about discussing who he is working for and who commissioned the clone army. His cloned son Boba is also there in his young boy form. Obi-Wan asks about Siphideus and Jango says he's never hear dof him, but was hired by a Lord Tyrannus. In any case Obi-Wan senses that something fishy is going on and contacts the Jedi Council after his meet with Jango. The tell him to bring Jango to them so Obi-Wan goes back inside to find him. Jango however is on the move gettign ready to leave. Now he has his Mandolarian battle armor on amd he and Obi-Wan duke it out. Jango has a great advantage with his jetpack, catch wires, missiles, and wrist blades. Thus, he escapes, but Obi-Wan manages to throw a tracker on his ship and follows him into hyperspace.

Meanwhile, Anakin has had a vision about his mother being in pain and wants to head to Tatooine to help her. The only problem is that he is supposed to be protecting Padme. So Padme decides to go with him to Tatooine and that solves that problem.

Elsewhere, Jango Fett has just exited hyperspace at the planet Genosis with Obi-Wan right behind him. Jango makes use of highly powerful seismic charges which use sound waves as a weapon. In any case, Obi-Wan evades the attacks and hides, thus he is able to follow Jango to the surface of Genosis unbeknownst to him.

Meanwhile, Anakin meets with Watto, the junk dealer, on Tatooine and finds that his mother was sold to Cliegg Lars and that Cliegg decided to marry her. Anakin heads to the Lars homestead and meets his step-brother Owen and his wife Beru. A little side note: in Episode IV, these two raise Luke Skywalker, Anakin's son. Also, C-3P0 is there and recognizes Anakin. Anyhow, Cliegg tells Anakin that his mother was kidnapped by Tusken Raiders or the Sandpeople. They tried to find her but were not able and she has been gone for close to a month now. Anakin goes to try and find her. He eventually does and she is very happy to see him. She says "now I am complete" and then she dies to to her many wounds. Anakin is devastated, his only family member is gone. Suddenly, hatred overwhelms him. Fueled by his anger he murders all the Sandpeople in the camp including the women and children. He brings his mother's body back to the homestead. He tells Padme what he has done and he is very regretful. Nonetheless, this is the first intstance where we see Anakin exercising his violent tendencies. At his mother's funeral he says "I wasn't strong enough to save you Mom, but I'll never let that happen again."

Meanwhile, Obi-Wan over hears Count Dooku, a former Jedi, speaking with representatives of several systems including the Trade Federation. He learns Dooku is amassing many systems togehter to fight against the Republic for he belives its ideals are wrong or something like that. I need to see the movie again to remember everything he said. So, Obi-Wan sends a message to the Anakin since his long range transmitter is out of commission due to the space battle with Jango Fett. Anakin relays it to the Jedi Council and at the end Obi-Wan is attacked by a destroyer droid. Anakin wants to save him but the council says he should stay where he is and let them handle it. Padme says she is going to help so Anakin has to follow her, which is what he wanted to do anyway.

So basically, Anakin and Padme go there with C-3P0 and R2-D2 (who by the way has been with Anakin for sometime now, sorry forgot to mention that) and they all get caught on a conveyor belt inside the droid factory. C-3P0 gets in quite a humorous situation with his head on a battle droid and a battle droid head on his body. The great thing is that C-3P0 is actually funny with R2-D2 unlike Jar Jar Binks.

Meanwhile, Count Dooku speaks with the captured Obi-Wan Kenobi about the separatist movement. He tells Obi-Wan that the Senate is now largely under the control of Darth Sidious, the Sith leader in Episode I. Dooku wants Obi-Wan to join him an "defeat the Sith." However, Obi-Wan knows that Dooku is lying and says he will never join him.

So, though Anakin and Padme escape from the factory with their lives, they are captured along with Ob-Wan Kenobi and are sent into a colosseum of sorts.

They are all tied to poles with thousands of the insect like Genosians looking on. Three hideous beasts are released to execute the three prisoners. However, they all manage to escape and fight the beasts off. Count Dooku as had enough and decides to just send out the battle droids. Suddenly, the Jedi arrive and then the fun begins!

Mace Windu says "This party's over" and he and the other Jedis fight valiantly against them. However, the new type of "super-droid" proves to be a little too much in their overwhelming numbers. The Jedi eventually become surronded by the droids. Dooku tells Windu that they are greatly outnumbered and should give up. Windu says he will never do that and the droids prepare to fire.

Suddenly, a huge laser blast rocks the arena. The Clonetroopers have arrived with Yoda! Now a truly massive battle begins. Just some major things in the battle. Tons of Clonetroopers attacking thousands of droids in all kinds of big ships with devasting missiles and explosions. It's just beautiful! Once again I can not do justice to all the cool stuff you will see in the movie so just go see it yourself. Count Dooku speaks with the leader of the Genosiians and finds there are no reinforcements available. The Genosian leader says that the Jedi must never learn what they are planning to build and gives the plans for the Death Star to Dooku. Dooku then speeds away to his hangar to get away. However, Anakin, Obi-Wan and Padme follow Count Dooku as he tries to escape. Their ship is hit and Padme falls out onto the sand. Anakin wants to stop and help her but Obi-Wan reminds him that they can end the war right away if they stop Dooku.

Anakin and Obi-Wan finally catch up with Dooku at a hanger. Anakin charges ahead right away and gets zapped by Dooku's force power (it resembles Palpatine's lightning in Return of the Jedi). Anakin lies smoking on the floor and Dooku says "as you can see my control of the Force greatly exceeds yours" to Obi-Wan. They fight and Obi-Wan is eventually over come and Dooku prepares to strike him. Anakin jumps up just in time to stop Dooku's blow and Obi-Wan tosses his lightsaber to Anakin. Anakin the proceeds to fight with two, count 'em, two lightsabers! Not for very long, but nontheless very cool. However, he too fails and loses his arm for it (Ouch).

However, then Yoda arrives. Dooku tries throwing various object at Yoda using the force, but of course dispersing these attacks is mere child's play for Jedi Master Yoda. So, Dooku lashes out with his "force lightning" or whatever it's called which Yoda is able to block and send right back at Dooku. Dooku then says, "it is apparent that we are equal in our skills of the Force. This battle must be decided by our skills with a lightsaber." Yoda whips out his lightsaber with no delay and proceeds to kick some serious tail with his amazing acrobatic jumps and fast slashing. Unfortunately, Dooku realizes he is not match for Yoda and being the coward he is sends a pillar falling towards Anakin and Obi-Wan lying on the floor. Yoda has no choice but to turn his attention to the pillar and he saves Anakin and Obi-Wan. But, of course, Dooku gets away.

In the end Yoda or someone says when they all return to Coruscant, "the shroud of the Dark Side has fallen and the Clone War has just begun." Dooku returns to the Sith headquarters somewhere on Coruscant and speaks with Darth Sidious. He says "I have good news, the war has begun." Sidious also calls Dooku "Lord Tyrannus" which one can assume is his Sith given name. Incidentally, Jango says it was Lord Tyrannus who hired him to assasinate Padme way back at the beginning of the movie. Hmmmm, interesting. Why would Dooku want to bomb Padme if she was going to vote against the formation of the Republic Army? Guess we'll have wait till Episode III to find out. On a minor side note, Anakin and Padme are married on Naboo.

So ends Episode II. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this as it took me a couple hours or so. I hope to add pictures to it to make it a more interesting read. Not a bad idea for all the storylines actually. Just remember, as the Star Wars universe becomes more and more complex, these storlyines will prove to be a valuable reference for us all.

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